Team Night Out

looking for that perfect team night out venue?

Choosing the perfect venue to celebrate a work event is tough. How do you ensure your team night out doesn’t feel like forced fun? The answer is balls, balls and more balls.

We’ve got drinks packages, gourmet pizzas, buckets of beers and sparklers—you’ll be assigned permanent party planner quicker than you can say ‘balls deep’.

We cater to any group size as our mezzanine alone holds 80 guests, and for those who want Ballie to themselves there is always private hire available – just make an enquiry with our Sales team.

a ballin' team night out

Our seated area has food and drink packages designed to suit every budget and a pre-order menu for all the added extras you desire. Let us do the work and your team can have a proper fun, stress-free evening—we can’t think of a better way to leave those work troubles behind…

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