Cocktail Trips

let's take a trip

These specially curated cocktail sets are not only great value, they really get the party started! Introducing The Ballie Sweets Trip, The Ballie Fruits Trip, The Grown Ups Trip and The Mocktail Trip.

Cocktail Trip

Introducing the exclusive Ballie Sweets Trip, Ballie Fruits Trip, Grown Ups Trip and Mocktail Trip.

Our cocktail trips are sold per person which means each person kicks off with a welcome Take Off Martini (think refreshing passionfruit, with a vodka twist for those on our alcoholic based trips) plus another 3 cocktails to give you a real taste of Ballie. We know that everyone has their favourite type of tipple so we’ve made it easy for you to mix and match and select one Trip per person when you get the venue. That’s your drinks sorted, plus guaranteed seating and ball pit play all in one which makes organising groups even easier too.

This package includes:

entry to ballie ballerson all night
plush booth seating
ball pit access for the duration of your booking
4 cocktails each
table service
minimum of 2 guests per booking

Our full pizza and cocktail menu is available to order for the duration of your booking in addition to your package.

Sun-Thurs | £27 each – Cocktail Trip | Mocktail Trip – £20 each

Fri | £32 each – Cocktail Trip | Mocktail Trip – £25 each

Sat | £37 each – Cocktail Trip | Mocktail Trip – £30 each

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